Trick Summary Edit

This trick allows you to use the special abilities of items your characters shouldn't be able to use.

Games It Works In Edit

Baldur's Gate I - No

Baldur's Gate II - Yes

Icewind Dale I - No

Icewind Dale II - Yes

Planescape: Torment - ?

Method And ExplanationEdit

Baldur's Gate II and Icewind Dale II

To perform this trick, right-click on a potion in the inventory and choose 'Drink Potion', then swap an item with a usable ability (including potions, scrolls, weapons with castable powers, etc.) into the inventory slot containing the potion. Leave the inventory, and the item's ability will be used, targetted on the caster.

Note that the technique of choosing 'Drink Potion' and then swapping items in the inventory is also used in the Inventory Stack Underflow glitch.

For Icewind Dale II make sure that the game is paused in the inventory. To do this either hit space before entering the inventory or use the button in the lower right of the UI while in the inventory.

Notable Speedrunning Applications Edit

  • Allows non-mages to cast spells from scrolls.
  • Allows non-warrior to use Vhailor's Helm