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Trick Summary Edit

(Here goes a one-line description of how the trick works and what it is for. It need not (and should not, for complex tricks) fully describe the nuances of the trick or how to perform it.)

Games It Works In Edit

Baldur's Gate I - ?/Yes/No/Only with Tales Of The Sword Coast installed

Baldur's Gate II - ?/Yes/No/Only with Throne of Bhaal installed'

Icewind Dale I - ?/Yes/No/Only with Heart Of Winter installed'

Icewind Dale II - ?/Yes/No

Planescape: Torment - ?/Yes/No

Method And Explanation Edit

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Baldur's Gate Series and Icewind Dale I

(Here goes a description of how the trick functions in the Baldur's Gate Series and Icewind Dale I)

Planescape: Torment

(Here goes a description of how the trick functions in Planescape: Torment )

Notable Speedrunning Applications Edit

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  • (First notable use)
  • (Second notable use )


Videos Edit

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